​Tips to Protect

In this day and age it is more productive to be Proactive rather than Reactive.

  •  One in six males and one in four females will be sexually abused at some point in their life.   Protect your children with these helpful hints: 1) Teach children the difference in good touch and bad touch; 2) let children know they can trust you and should not keep secrets from you; 3) know the people children spend time with;  4) monitor internet and phone usage; 5) it is okay to be NOSY!!

  • Deter a Thief: 1) when you leave your home, look around and be aware of the surroundings; 2) do not leave the garage door open while you are away; 3) have a security system, use it, and advertise that you have it; 4) have friends and neighbors pick up mail and keep an eye on hyour home while you are away; 5) do not leave things (like tools and metal) in the yard that may be appealing to a passerby; 6) set up a neighborhood watch in your community.  Prosecutor Collins has been active in helping to establish such programs in Highland County and would gladly aide in the establishment of a Program in your area!

  • Help Fight Drugs: 1) Talk to your kids about drugs and how important it is to say "NO"! 2) report suspicious activity to the appropriate law enforcement agency; 3) keep record of cars and people.  Don't be discouraged! Law enforcement collects information for use at later times and every piece of information is valuable.  

Prosecutor Anneka Collins & Detective Richard Warner of the Highland County Sheriff's Office address residents regarding the establishment of a Neighborhood Watch Program (TG Photo/Gary Abernathy)